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To Canada

May 10, 2013

Today I celebrate my 1 year Canniversary – I arrived in Canada 1 year ago today and in fact weather wise it was a day much like today, I left a very foggy London Gatwick airport  and arrived in an equally foggy Halifax airport!

It all started around 2004, when I met my ex-husband. Before him I’d never even thought of leaving England, I wanted to travel lots but not move somewhere else.

I didn’t really think too much more on what my ex had said about moving (as we’d only been going out for a couple of months) but after a year or so and more chats about how nice it’d be move out of England the idea of going started to turn into more of ‘well lets explore how to go about moving’. Canada seemed like a natural choice – he is a BIG Ice Hockey fan and introduced me to the game, and I have family all over Canada. 

At the time one of the options was to apply for Permanent Residence – we could move without having to have a job lined up, just needed enough moolah to survive jobless for 6 months! So we decided to go for it – you only live once and the chance to live somewhere else and experience all it has to offer was just to good to pass up. Long story short – it took us 4 years to get the PR visa’s and jump all the hurdles and red tape that the Canadian High Commision throws at you. Made even more fun was the fact that we had married – do you know how many times I tried to tell them my name had changed – my visa still came through with my maiden name on – the passport they put it in even had my married name in it! 

He had a hankering to live near the ocean – think he really wanted a house where we could sit out in the garden and hear the waves crashing against the rocks – still appeals to me. So having a bit of family living in Nova Scotia we started looking into the province. And we loved it on our first visit here. Our 2nd visit opened our eyes a bit more – Hurricane Earl hit while we were here! 

In 2011 we sadly split up, and it was time for me to think about the future again – you think you have it figured out and then BANG – think again! Over xmas I decided that seeing as I had my PR status for Canada it seemed such a shame to waste it. Wasn’t sure if I could do it on my own. I’d only told a few people at work about my idea to move, and one guy was always joking with me saying “You’ll never do it”. First day back at work in January 2012 I booked my flights – yes it was part whim, part planned. My friend came back in after his lunch and he was so happy for me that I’d booked my flight! 5 months till my flight – so much to do and plan! It’s not easy going from having a house full of possessions to deciding what to take and what to leave. Step 1 had been kind of done for me, before xmas I had moved into my friends house and out of the house I’d shared with my ex, so the bulky stuff had been left behind. But I still had 31 years of crap that I had gathered! Time to start thinning it down. 

By May I was down to 75kg of stuff plus some extra bits that are clogging up my parents loft at the moment! It’s quite liberating really going through all your old bits and pieces and sure it’d be nice to keep hold of everything you’ve had but who has space for all that? 

Thankfully I have a wonderful cousin (well 2nd cousin if you’re being picky) and her family who put up with me for 2 months till I found somewhere of my own to live. Certainly don’t think I could have done it without them, it was a weight off my mind knowing I had a roof over my head to move to.

My folks are coming out to visit me next month and I’m so stoked to be showing them my new home, I hope they like it as much as I do.

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