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August 3, 2013

US Summer holiday destination number 1 was Boston! I’ve never been to the states before so wasn’t sure what to expect apart from what I’ve seen on tv and read in books! From what I’d seen of Boston, I was really looking forward to going. It seemed like a larger version of Halifax, where I currently reside!

CheersThe plans were that I was meeting my best friend and her friend there, they were arriving from the UK on the Friday evening and I was getting there first thing Saturday morning. Well best laid plans went a little tits up when their 1st flight was delayed meaning they would miss their connecting flight! I ended up spending all day Saturday on my own in Boston, wandering the streets and getting the lay of the city! And I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, I just mingled with the rest of the tourists, sat in the park with my lunch in the gorgeous hot sunshine, and watched part of the Shakespeare performance in the commons before thinking that I’d had way too much sunshine and was turning into the typical UK tourist of looking like a lobster! First impressions of Boston – love it!

My friends eventually arrive (minus luggage) later in the evening, and not happy! Luckily their luggage was waiting for them next morning – holiday can start properly!

As the Boston landmarks are spread out all over the city, we buy a 2 day hop on and off bus ticket and the 1st driver is a right laugh! I know they are working for tips, but some deserve them and he was 1 of them. Poor sod even had to take us off route as half the streets in 1 bit of town were closed off for a festival! So we did all the sights on the tour, including the harbour duck tour, with 2 comedians for the crew! They had a very well rehearsed act down.

1 of my friends in Halifax had told me that I Had to have a cannoli from Maria’s bakery! We thought we’d go after climbing the Bunkers Hill Monument – 294 steps in a stone oven! I was melting by the time I reached the top, fantastic views of the city though, and yes I definitely had earned the cannoli – and damn tasty it was too.

GirlsOne of the things we really wanted to do when in the US was to see a baseball game, but our original plans meant we were never in a city at the same time as the baseball teams! With my friends being delayed we decided to extend Boston by a day, this meant we could see the Red Sox! Very excited about that! Getting tickets was easier than we thought and the view in Fenway was really good for cheap seats. We even got some trash talking going with the Seattle fans sat behind us! He was a sweetheart though and didn’t mind us asking him what the scoreboard meant, my knowledge of baseball is limited to the softball that I play! In the end the Sox thrashed Seattle, and the people at the game were really friendly (which to be honest, is more than I can say for the people I’d met in town, everyone seemed a bit grumpy).

Boston – you were a really lovely place where I felt quite at home in.


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