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New York

August 3, 2013

Next on our US trip was NYC. I think we were all looking forward to seeing New York, I was a little apprehensive about our accommodation, it being the cheapest we could find.

As the bus is getting close to the dropping off point the excitement is building as we can see it getting busier and more built up, and the traffic is building up, oh and the noise! Car horns every few moments! This is what I was expecting.

Off the bus and we’re all starving, but we need to find Chinatown and our hostel/apartment, so we do what anybody else would do and grab a yellow taxi – totally gazumping the woman trying to get it a few yards further down the street! We were right to be a little hesitant about the hostel, it’s on a really run down street, but as I pointed out, Chinatown normally tends to be ok! And it was! Subway almost on our doorstep to whisk us off uptown when we needed it. And lots of good cheap Chinese places to eat at!

TimesSquareThe next day is raining, sightseeing is no fun at all in the rain, 3 miserable girlies trying to explore! We make it uptown to 5th avenue and Times Square, highlights of which were definitely M&M world and Hershey’s. But it’s fair to say, we didn’t have much fun, and our first impressions of New York aren’t good. We decided to put it down to the weather spoiling our moods and to go out with new resolve the next day!

And we did, the next day was sunny and warm! Today’s activity was mostly queuing – Staten Island ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty – if you’re wondering why we didn’t actually go to it, the tickets to get us up to the crown were all sold out, and Ellis Island was closed, so we saved our money and got the free ferry!




One happy girly - HUGE Resses cups!!

One happy girly – HUGE Resses cups!!

Next lot of queues were for the 9/11 memorial site, very quiet and peaceful park that they’ve created, surrounded by the new World Trade Centre buildings. Then onto the Empire State Building, again some pretty fantastic scenery from the top. And the bit that made the NYC trip was the 102 elevator operator, he was lovely and gave us a big group hug before we got off. If more New Yorkers had been like him I think NYC would have grown on us more, but none of us get the appeal of it.

The one bit of NYC I loved, was the Highline park, an old raised railway line that has been converted into a peaceful and tranquil garden, I forgot for a while that I was in a massive city, no car horns – just happy smiling people enjoying the sun and plants.

What I took back from New York – I’m certainly more a country bumpkin than a city girl.


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