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Automation doesn’t equal an easy life

August 5, 2013

Holidays, meant to be relaxing, reviving, reset your stress levels. So why do airlines try my patience? I currently write this in Newark airport waiting for my United flight back to Canada.

I’ll start by saying that the only time you’ll see me majorly stressing out is when I am travelling. Once I’m at the airport my stress levels drop and and I’m back to my super calm take everything you can throw at me with a pinch of salt demeanour! For example, my flight doesn’t go till 8.05pm this evening and it’s currently only 5.33pm and I’m through security and chilling.

I have never seen anything like the United airlines check in and baggage drop like I’ve just been through. 24hours before my flight I get the email saying I can check in on line, only I then can’t because they need to view my documents closer! Fine, I need to check my bag in anyway! Everything is automated when I get here! It asks me to weigh my case – fine, but the scales aren’t zeroed so I stress out that this will affect it and it’ll try to charge me extra, till the guy helping out points out its just to see if your bag is over weight, so I can click the button that says my bag is under weight (trusting fools)! See I’m totally irrational while still in my stressed out state. Then you can only pay for a checked bag with credit card, so much for the cash I’d put aside to pay for it.

And I have to say that it’s not clear what lines you need to join and the staff not very helpful. Lines to check in (with only hand luggage), bag drop (already checked in) but nothing specifically saying check in and bag drop. Not hard to add that title to a queue.

Oh and to top it off the automatic tap in the ladies soaked my top, and no free wifi at Newark!

My overriding thought of travelling and life in general – automation doesn’t equal making life easy!


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