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Tidal Bore Rafting

August 23, 2013

Today my best friend and I took on the might of the Tidal Bores in the Shubenacadie! Ok so I say took on, we clung on for dear life to the ropes attached to the dinghy we were in!

Tidal bores are my new favourite part of Mother Nature. We set off on a 4 hour excursion to ride the tidal bore on the Shubenacadie in Nova Scotia. It was a lovely calm ride down the river to a section where we could first of all go mud sliding, natural mud slides we could throw ourselves down, not had this much fun since the Mud Hero event! Something about mud is great! Then after fun in the mud, we continued further down river to where it almost met The Bay Of Fundy. Then we waited. And waited, oh and waited some more. Even the guides said nature was running a little late today! Blame it on the full moon recently.

Finally, time to get back in the boat, and all of a sudden this nice calm glass like surface of the river, turned into a mass of uber fun waves that just wanted to throw us out of the boat! It wasn’t like a cataclysmic wave coming round the bend of the river (kind of expected that the way the guides were talking), but first of a small wave just slowly covering the sand bank we’d been stood on moments before. As it built up the waves were getting bigger, the currents stronger and our guides eyes lit up, you knew pain was coming!

The 6 of us in our boat clung on for dear life as our guide headed the boat into these massive waves, face fulls of muddy sandy water coming at us! Every wave sent your legs flying, the only way you are staying in that boat, was by leaning into the boat and clinging onto the ropes for all it’s worth! Thankfully our guide did keep giving us little breaks to get some feeling back in them and a few moments to relax all the muscles in our bodies! We slowly worked our way back up the river hitting as many waves as we could and doubling back to hit them again! The best (most relaxing points) was when we were pointed back towards the bay and he rode the top of the wave for as long as he could, before he turned it back round for another attack at the waves!

I can’t imagine how much salty muddy water we’ve ingested on the trip, but, boy it was so much fun! Time for an afternoon nap though now!


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